What we can offer?

Single-cell RNA-seq analysis

Do you want to differentiate your tissue data to the single cell level? We can offer you analyze data from one of the most modern and promising techniques - single-cell RNA-seq.

RNA-seq analysis

Do you want to know which genes in your cells are expressed? You have problem with analysis of RNA-based data? We can alalyze that data for You.

NGS analysis

Do you need to analyze data for your patients? Looking for mutations? In this case we can analyze NGS data for You.

Proteomics analysis

Dedicated database

Do you have data, that may be organized in the database and then published? We can offer you creation of high quality database using Django framework. It may include functionalities like database search, sort and filtering of your data, fast search using elasticsearch engine, advanced display of scientific data using available applets. Of course registering and submitting data may also be possible, revision process support can also be appllied. Moreover there is possibility of connecting to various working pipelines, creating functional API. Separate Angular-based frontend can also be created. Database is always covered by automatic tests, to avoid as much errors as possible.

Enhancement of your images for publication

Do You have images, that are looking poorly? Need to adjust diagrams or create them in better way? Or maybe just slight changes that will help to fit to journal requirements? We can adjust or recreate images just for you. Contact us to get more detailed information.