Scientific database for You

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Do You have various data that may be organized, but there is no programmer in your lab? You want to create database that You can publish?
We can put your data online!
We do that by creating professional, efficient and functional database with desired functionalities.

What can we do?

We can create database that make your data available online. We can add various filters, search engine whenever it is text search or sequence search. We can add possibility for user to add his or her own data in very simply way. Moreover we can add various diagrams showing database statistics. We can add existing applets to visualize your data or we can write our own simply visualization tool. We can create API interface for automatic data retrieval or upload. We can also make user-friendly interface for your pipeline and create missing data conversion tools. We hope that database created by us will be published in one of the top journals.

What Technology do we usually use?

For database creation we are basing on Django framework with Python language, MySQL and JavaScript or Typescript. For fast and efficient sequence searches we use either Blast or Elasticsearch. Elasticsearch technology is also used for efficient text searches. Data can be visualized using various available charts, applets like Jmol for displaying molecules or we can create custom solution. In case of complex interface we can create professional, Angular based frontend that comunicate with database backend through rest API. All functionalities are tested using Database will be optimized to work properly on mobile devices, and it will be also optimized for search engines keyword search. If there is a need, we are able to implement Celery queues, and websockets. We deploy our products using Docker.

How do we work?

First comes analysis of your needs. On the basis of it we create project description and decide on the way how to deal with your task. We can do either simple database that is constructed in one step or more complex database with multiple functionalities that will be created in agile way. This second option allow you to see new functionalities each month and adjust some of the specification on the basis of experiences with working database.

What we do not povide?

We do not provide servers and server administration service. These should be bought separately.