About Analysis and Integration of Multiomics data

Who we are?

Our team has been established by four people: Erkut Ilaslan, Marcin Sajek, Adam Ustaszewski and Tomasz Woźniak at the end of 2018. Our semi-formal group is afiliated with Institute of Human Genetics, Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznań. In 2019 Maciej Śmiałek joined our team.

What can we do?

We are people with various experience in multiomics data analysis and programming. We can analyze your data whenever they are Proteomics data, RNA-seq including Single-cell RNA-seq or NGS data. Moreover we can also prepare database that will enable you to share your data with other people. Lastly we can make your publication images prettier using vector graphics programs.

How do we work?

We try to provide best services possible, therefore firstly we estimate time and resources and create dedicated offer. Later we cooperate closely with You to get interesting results from your data within reasonable time. Finally we prepare short report to sum up all results and methodology used.

Who should you contact?

Polish customers should contact Tomasz Woźniak (tomasz.wozniak >at< igcz.poznan.pl)
Other european customers should contact Erkut Ilaslan (erkut.ilaslan >at< igcz.poznan.pl)