Analysis and Integration of Multiomics Data

Single Cell RNA-seq analysis

If You are working with this novel technology, we can help you analyze your data.

Proteomics analysis

We have a lot of experience with proteomics data analysis, let us know if you want us to help with your analyses.

RNA-seq analysis

We have experience with analysis of RNA sequence-based data. Contact us if you need analysis of your RNA-seq.

NGS analysis

At the moment this type analysis is very popular in genetics research. We can offer you this kind of analysis being done quite fast and with reasonable price

Database 4 You

If You have valuable data, but no programmers able to create functional database, we can offer our service.


Enhance images for publication

Do you need beautifull images for publication but have no skills or lacking time for preparation of them? We can help you.

T-psi-C database for tRNA

New tRNA database containing updated information, structures and 3D models of tRNA molecules alongside secondary structures, anticodon, ogranism and publication information. T-psi-C database allow to search data using either BLAST or Elasticsearch. Moreover scientists are now able to submit their work to the database by themselves. View more

New webpage

Analysis and Integration of Multiomics data team has new webpage, that you are currently browsing. Please enjoy yourself while reading our offer. View more

Creation of AIM

This year we officially start our enterprise. Four people from Institute of Human Genetics, Polish Academy of Science with support of the Institute offer various services of data analysis, including NGS analyses, RNA-seq, Single Cell RNA-seq, Metabolomisc and services of creating high-quality customized databases and preparation of images prior to publication. View more